About Møgelgaard


- Sound absorbing textiles - 


Educated textile designer from The Danish Design School, specializing in sound absorbing textiles.

I'm very interested in the fact

that we are much more affected by the sound picture and the rooms that surround us

than we are aware of.


Several studies has shown, that rooms with background noise and poor acoustic, has a big impact to our mental state. Worst case scenario is, that a bad sonic work-enviroment can affect our well-being and increase our sick leave.

This can be remedied with the right kind of sound absorbing solutions.

With my solutions you'll get the sound absorbing effect together with a unic design, adjusted especially to your needs.


Based on research, I believe that this will have a positive impact on your staff. Their concentration and work capacity will be improved. This way, you and your staff will benefit from your actions.


Read more here: http://www.arbejdsmiljoviden.dk/Aktuelt/Forskning/4-Stoej-i-storrumskontorer-paavirker-trivsel-og-koncentrationsevne


All my solutions can be adjusted your demands and needs.

Please contact me if you feel interested.

Mail: tanja@mogelgaard.dk

Phone: 0045 - 51881115